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Dollar index a little lower in quiet and contained Asian trade

The dollar has lost a little bit of traction, in what can only be described as quiet Asian trading today. On Friday the USD index (USDX) failed to make any progress above the highs it has reached on Thursday, when it topped out at 105.43. That was also its highest level since March 8, when it had topped out at 105.88. The index fell back towards 105 into the 4pm London fix, but held that handle and rebounded into the US close, where it later ended the week at around 105.31. Today it has held a range so far covered by 105.20 to 105.31. So, it is quiet out there now, but it is unlikely to remain that way as the week unfolds, with major policy decisions from the Fed and the BOE on Wednesday and Thursday. There is very little on the Economic release schedule today and what there is will be covered here later on. Meantime the USD index is treading water for now 

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