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Dollar index feeling some heat this morning

The dollar index (USDX) has been tracking lower this morning. In fact it has been doing that since earlier yesterday, when it topped out at 104.47 at the start of the Asian session. The push lower has been gradual though and mostly versus the European currencies. In fact, right now both the EUR/USD and GBP/USD are pretty much on session highs and that has seen the Dollar index fall back closer to the 104 handle. The index had closed in the US last night at around 104.23. It is just now dipping below 104.10. Perhaps the one thing that is stopping it from dropping further and faster is the stickiness of the USD/JPY. The US data this afternoon could have an impact either way and then it is the PCE data that might matter most of all, when that it released on Friday afternoon. Perhaps we should not forget the month and Quarter end factor at play here too and that might be dollar negative, but there are no reports of that available here yet. 

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