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Dollar falls back further as US equity futures push higher- check out the Nasdaq 100

Since the last update here, the dollar has lost more traction. The GBP/USD has traded above the 1.2700 handle now and the EUR/USD has lifted above a technical level at 1.0874. The USD/JPY is still relatively elevated but not threatening that 152 handle again for the time being. That means that both the EUR/JPY and GBP/JPY are higher and not far off session highs just now. The EUR/JPY has traded above 165 today and the GBP/JPY is above 192.50. At the same time, stocks here in Europe are not as low as they were earlier and the US futures have gained some more ground. Gold is well off its earlier highs too. The Nasdaq 100 futures are now pricing a reopening at around 18,175 where much earlier today it was below 18,100 

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