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Dollar extends gains as US stock markets prepare to reopen-check out the Dow Jones

Just as the US stock prepare to resume live trading the US treasury yields have continued to rebound and now the 2 Year yield is nudging 4.90%. This is impacting gold on the downside again too and the USD/JPY is lifting closer to the 151 handle. The EUR/USD is struggling a bit as well, although the EUR/JPY is on the up again. Brent crude is lower too, having just set a fresh session low at around $81.60 a short while ago. The GBP/USD is nearer the 1.24 handle, rather than the 1.25 handle and the general outlook for the US equity market opening is less ebullient than it was an hour or so ago. That can easily change and the mode is still positive, but as things stand right now the US stock markets do not looks like charging ahead so easily as was the case a little earlier. The Dow Jones is now set to reopen at below 34,900 and closer to 34,850, whereas it was almost pricing a reopening at 35k earlier on. There will be further reports to follow this afternoon, after the 4pm London FX fix. 

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