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Dollar extends gains across the board- EUR/USD takes out support at 1.0862

The dollar is rising further now this afternoon. The USD/JPY has again led the way and now taken out any resistance level at 149.53. The move there has just now extended to 149.72. At the same time the EUR/USD has dropped below a support level at 1.0862. The move though this price point has reached 1.0852 so far. The further rise in the dollar has dented Gold again and caused that to stall for a fourth time above $2k. The US stock markets have come off the oil too , as was suggested was possible a short while ago in a previous update. The DAX has come to thing a whisker of the 16k handle and that has now reversed with the US stock markets. News from China regarding the banks there continues to show further signs of stress. The EUR/USD is currently trading at 1.0856 

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