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Dollar edges higher as European stock markets open lower-check out the USD/JPY

The dollar was edging lower earlier this morning and that saw the GBP/USD lift close to its 50 day moving average (1.2665), as the EUR/USD nudged above 1.0865. The European stock markets have just now reopened and it has been an across the board lower opening for the major indexes this morning. The DAX and the CAC are leading that early downside move. That has come alongside a slight rebound in the dollar versus the Pound and the Euro. The USD/JPY is edging higher once again too. As noted here earlier, the USD/JPY peaked at 151.94 and it just now edged back close to that high again. The high seen so far has been set at 151.93. Hence, once again the market is flirting with BOJ angst and that 152 level. However, it is extremely uncertain, as to whether the market will take this level on, or shy away from it for what seems like an umpteenth time. Perhaps we might soon see on that. The USD/JPY is currently trading at 151.92

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