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Dollar and Yen rebound as US stocks slide on Mid East Fears- check the S+P 500 now

According to news paper reports in the US press, the US has warned Israel that it faces an imminent attack from Iran in the very near future, perhaps in the next 48 hours. That news has sent a real shiver across the US equity markets and European stock futures. Prior to that the US markets were all in the Green. Well, not any longer. The turn around has been rapid and intense and it comes at a time when perhaps US and global stock markets are ripe for a correction. The losses so far have been broad based across all three major indexes. The S+P 500 is now more than 100 points below its earlier session highs and the dollar and the Yen have gained as a safe haven refuge. The S+P 500 is trading just above 5,150 right having dropped back from an earlier high at 5,256 

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