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DAX trades below 17,700 as CAC dips below 8k in early trading

The European stock markets have just reopened and it has not been a very positive start to the session. Of course that was always going to be the case and updates here earlier this morning led you to expect that. However, the losses have deepened in the first few minutes of live trading. The CAC 40 has now fallen below 8k and the DAX is just now trading below 17,700. The FTSE 100 is lower, but in relative terms holding its ground reasonably well so far. The Yen has strengthened a little too as a degree of risk aversion seems to impact across the European markets and the US futures. That has helped gold edge a little higher and right now BTC needs little excuses to feed positively off these moves, given the news from the LSE, covered here a little earlier. The DAX is currently trading at 17,692

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