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DAX stalls ahead of 15,950 as FTSE 100 hits fresh session lows

The earlier noted attempts by the DAX to push closer to, and perhaps test the 16k level have seemingly stalled. The index rose to a new rebound high at 15,948 earlier. It has now dropped below 15,900 and that reversal comes as the FTSE 100 simply refuses to bounce at all. Even an earlier rebound in oil prices has not helped. The spectre of higher for longer UK interest rates, driven home by comments from BOE officials earlier today is still weighing on the index and it has now dropped below 7,450. The US futures are now all in the red too, as something of a reality check comes in to counter the recent dynamic gains. The Nasdaq 100 futures is now leading the downside in those US markets. The DAX is currently trading at 15,895

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