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DAX squeezes out a new all time high

Since my last update the DAX has managed to squeeze its way to a new all time high, but in truth it looked like a real struggle to get there and when it did, it only made it by just one single point. The index has now set a new all time cash price high at 17,004.55 so far. The move to a fresh record comes as the US futures remain on highs and even the Dow Jones is making further progress just now. The Nasdaq 100 looks almost certain to fill a gap it left open on Wednesday, when it crumbled below 17,443 on the opening (resuming live trade at 17,269). The index is currently priced to reopen at around 17,540. Of course the US jobs report might get in the way of that shortly, but we shall have to see what that delivers first, before the US stock markets reopen and potentially help to lift the DAX to a more convincing all time high 

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