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The DAX set to open higher today

Yesterday the DAX set a new all time high at 18,567. Had the index been open on Monday then it might have lifted even higher. Well it was not and the price action that followed set in place a clearly defined warning on the daily charts. That was not technically a massive outside day reversal because it did not reopen higher. Quite how that did not happen is rather odd to this trained eye, but it did not. Irrespective of that the fall from that record high was nearly 300 points when it dropped to a session low at 18,275. The close was not much above that either, at 18,283. The DAX  was by some way the worst performing major index yesterday. It will very shortly reopen and it is set for a slightly higher opening today, but it remains to be seen, if that slide from a record high yesterday was just a one day correction, or there is more to come again today. The DAX is just now priced to reopen at 18,315 

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