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DAX set to open higher shortly

The DAX is just about to reopen for live trading. The index fell back yesterday and later closed 0.34% lower, at 18,494. That close was actually some way above the earlier session low, at 18,359. There is no doubt that the news from France precipitated that low, but perhaps we should also not forget that the German government also took a drubbing from the far right in the EU elections and that was not good news, albeit overshadowed by the snap election news emerging from France. The rebound in the CAC 40 futures this morning is also helping the DAX futures rise. So, in just a couple of minutes, the index is set to reopen at around 18,525. It will be interesting to see if that opening call results in further gains, or just provides a better level for the markets to sell. That applies to the CAC 40 too of course 

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