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DAX set for a lower opening today after leading European losses yesterday

Yesterday, even as the US markets set fresh records, all the European stock markets closed in the  red. The losses were not sizeable though and were led by the DAX (-0.69%). The CAC 40 came next, with a loss of 0.62% on the day. Even the FTSE 100, which had earlier proved the most resilient of the three, closed ever so slightly lower (-0.08%). The DAX had earlier rejected a new all time high, when it topped out at 18,890. The current record high, set the day before at 18,892, was therefore not surpassed. The index fell back to a low at 18,716 and later closed 130 points lower, at 18,738. The later falls stateside into the close has pushed the DAX futures lower since that US close and so the index is set to open lower this morning. Now that might change in the next couple of hours, but as things currently stand, the DAX is set to reopen around 18,680

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