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DAX recovers 18k but shies away from fresh records

Well, it did not seem likely earlier this morning, but the DAX has rebounded back above 18k, since basing out at 17,926. That rebound has now flirted with fresh record highs above 18,039. It has come agonisingly close a moment ago, when it reached 18,038. In view of the technically negative close yesterday, it would be quite a surprise, to see it negate that the very next day, but given this latest price action it would be short-sighted to entirely rule out such a prospect. At the same time, it does remain to be seen where the index will close out the week at 4.30pm GMT today. Much will surely depend on how the US stock markets fare too and right now, the opening outlook there has deteriorated somewhat since my last update. That is because right now, leading into the opening, the Nasdaq 100 futures are falling back into negative territory (So is the Dow Jones now too). There will be more to add on that index, when live trading resumes in around 5 minutes. The DAX is just now trading at 18,005

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