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DAX futures steady as German Yields fall

The German 10 year Bund yield has just now fallen to below 2% for the first time since March. That comes as the equivalent UK yields slide, following the lower than expected UK inflation data. The impact of lower German yields should perhaps be impressing the DAX futures a bit more than seems to be the case just now ahead of the index opening for live trading. However, perhaps we should not forget how the index has traded in recent weeks and a degree of this might already be priced in. Nevertheless, the DAX should garner some support from the record closes in the US last night and the surge in the FTSE 100 futures this morning too. That said, it might just be a case of waiting for the opening to see if that plays out. The DAX closed 93 points higher yesterday, at 16,744. It is currently priced to reopen at around 16,760 

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