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DAX futures rebound into the opening

Yesterday evening as the US stock markets retreated further, the DAX futures fell back. The index had already closed lower in the day and was the worst performing major European index. The DAX lost 156 points, closing 0.92% lower, at 16,880. After that close the DAX futures fell to price a reopening for this morning at below 16,800. However, since the release of the UK inflation reports, the DAX futures have now recovered most of those prior falls. The FTSE 100 futures are considerably higher than earlier too and right now the index is potentially set to test those noted moving averages on the opening. The US futures are off their worst levels too and back in positive territory. So, it might just be; that the FTSE 100 has floated all boats for the time being this morning. The DAX is still priced to reopen a little lower, but not by very much now. The current indication is for an opening at around 16,860 

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