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DAX futures modestly higher after avoiding a dip below 17k yesterday

The German DAX was the worst performing major European stock market index yesterday. However, we are talking very small margins here, because the DAX closed just 0.14% lower, at 17,068. The low on the day before that was set at 17,019. Hence, it held the 17k level, despite looking like it might not earlier in the day. The DAX futures are a bit higher this morning, despite the lower US closes last night. That throws some doubt into the equation after the opening today. It is probably fair to say; that upside momentum has stalled since the index reached a record on Friday (17,198) and it could do with the wider markets helping it to recover that, or else the risk is the index falls back more than it did yesterday. That said, the DAX futures are just now pricing a reopening at around 17,090 

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