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DAX/ FTSE divergence continues as DAX lifts further above 16k

Earlier this morning it was noted here; that the FTSE 100 was still struggling for traction and since the opening that has been the case. Meantime, the DAX has pressed a little higher and it is trading above 16k as I write. So, as you can surely see there is divergence at play between these two leading indexes and one that is favouring the German market right now. The prospect of the ECB sitting on its hands is far more a likelihood than for the BOE. That is not to say either will raise rates again, but more so to underpin the fact that UK rates are currently envisaged to remain at higher levels for a more extended period. That is adding pressure on the EUR/GBP, but at the same time helping the DAX to make further progress. The DAX is now rising to fresh session highs above 16,015 

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