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DAX fills the opening gap as Nasdaq 100 losses deepen

Well, it has now managed to do as I suspected all day and finally the DAX has just this minute filled the price gap it left open, from where it closed last night, to where it reopened today. That was at 17,089 and now the index is falling back a little more though that 17,089 level. The driver for this appears to be stemming from further falls in the Nasdaq 100 and not the Dow Jones. The Nasdaq 100 has now dropped to below 17,725. The latest University of Michigan data will be released at 3pm GMT. So that might have an impact in a few minutes from now. The risk for me now; is the DAX might set a close this afternoon below 17,089. If it does that (and I am not saying it will) it would set in place a monster outside day reversal, from all time record highs and an all time record opening and that might not be something to ignore. However, we have to see where this one ends at 4.30pm. The DAX is just now trading at 17,070 

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