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DAX falls to fresh interim low as European equity markets slip

Well, that earlier rebound across the European equity markets has now faded. In fact, it has done more than that and even the FTSE 100 is now lower, as the DAX falls back underneath 15,500 close to the lows it set on Friday (15,471). At the same time the shine has come off the US equity futures too, as the dollar gains some more. The EUR/USD is now edging close to 1.0625 and the USD/JPY has just now reached a new 2023 high at 148.58. It is hard to say exactly what has delivered this turnaround for the equity markets, but it could be simply more of the same and that is a paring back of positions ahead of the Q3 close at the end of this week. The DAX has now busted below the lows seen on Friday as it falls below 15,450 

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