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DAX edges back as FTSE 100 continues to lead

Since the European stock market opening today, the FTSE 100 has continued to take the lead. That was very much envisaged in an update here earlier this morning, ahead of the opening. The FTSE 100 has now lifted above 7,590, as the DAX drifts back from above 16,830. Perhaps the still overbought RSI on that index is having an impact? That was above 84 on a 14 day basis as of the opening today. So, the DAX is now drifting back towards 16,800, whilst the FTSE 100 maintains its opening gains. At the same time, the EUR/GBP has indeed lifted more since my previous update, noting the potential for that to unfold. The Euro has now traded above 0.8590. The DAX is currently trading at 16,803

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