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DAX edges back from above 18k as US futures extend gains

Following my previous update here on the Nasdaq 100, the futures price has risen further and that has seemingly kicked the Dow Jones futures higher too. At the same time it has helped the European stock markets to press higher as well. So, now the DAX has once again earlier lifted past the 18k level. It is worth noting here; that both the DAX and the Nasdaq 100 are trading around the same 18k price level. The DAX reopened today at 17,936, which is exactly where it closed on Friday. The index then lifted to a session high so far, at 18,015. It has peaked around there twice now today, but it is just slipping back as I write. So, as you can see, we are still caught in the midst of an an immediate range defined by 17,936 and 18,039. The DAX is currently trading at 17,982

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