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Close but not quite- DAX stalls just ahead of record levels

Since a European stock market opening update here, the DAX did extend its opening gains and lifted above 18,800. That earlier update noted the potential for the index to have that current record high on the radar today and that looked like it might be put to the test. Well, in the event it was not, despite the DAX getting very close to setting fresh records this morning. The high seen so far was set at 18,830, just shy of the current all time high, at 18,845. Perhaps it was asking too much for the index to get above that ahead of the US CPI data? However, that might come later this afternoon, if the US stock markets charge higher on the back of a really benign CPI report, but we shall have to see what shows up in the data first. The DAX has just dipped below 18,800 and it is currently trading at 18,795

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