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Chris Waller keeps dollar on the front foot as USD/JPY continues to hold 151.00

Yesterday evening comments from a Fed voter (Chris Waller) did not dent the US stock markets, but they did ensure that the dollar remained on the front foot across the board. Chris Waller stated that the Fed should not rush to cut rates this year. Updates here in days gone by suggested that the Fed needs to avoid any accusations that rate cuts might be politically motivated and that means cutting rates after June ahead of the US election could be construed that way. It has also been noted here; that right now there is no reason for the Fed to rush to cut rates given the state of the economy and the stock markets, unless they want to send stock markets to the moon. Heck, they look like they are headed in that direction anyway. Well, Waller put a dampener on that last night and that has kept the USD/JPY on the front foot too, but without testing the BOJ above the highs seen yesterday. The USD/JPY traded to a low at 151.03 and later closed in the US at 151.33. The range seen so far today has been covered by 151.25 to 151.54. It is currently trading at 151.33

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