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Chinese GDP fails to stop stocks from following lower US closes after Nasdaq 100 slides

Data out earlier today from China showed a better than expected Q1 growth picture. Some of the other data released was not so hot  though and besides none of it has helped the Chinese, or the Asian stock markets today. The losses in percentage terms are actually being led by Taiwan and Japan. The Nikkei 225 is off over 800 points this morning, following what was quite a reversal for the US markets again last night. So, it was another case of selling into the opening rally stateside and that saw the early gains turn to dust across all the US indexes. The Nasdaq 100 which opening higher, at 18,143 peaked at 18,152. It then fell to a low at 17,676, handing back almost 500 points from its peak. It later closed at 17,703, with loss of 296 points on the day. Following the sea of red across Asia today, the Nasdaq 100 futures are pricing a lower reopening, very much subject to change though, currently at around 17,670 

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