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Can the Nasdaq 100 set fresh records this week?

On Friday the Nasdaq 100 rose to a session high at 18,247. That rise took it one step closer to the current 2024 and all time high, at 18,464. However, the index was not able to hold all that gain into the weekly close, when it later ended the session at 18,161, with a more modest gain of 47 points on the day. However, the Nasdaq 100 futures are higher this morning and have priced the opening for this afternoon at above 18,200. They are just a little off that high right now, currently pricing the resumption of live trading this afternoon, at around 18,195. So, it remains to be seen, if new records will be reached this week, but once again those US yields will play a part in deciding if that happens or not. A major driver for those yields will be the US CPI report, due out on Wednesday. Right now it does all look to be in the balance, but this index is still eyeing the topside by the looks of it, unless something like the monetary policy outlook can stand in its way

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