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CAC 40 very much in the spotlight again this week- futures in the red this morning

As mentioned here earlier, the further gains for the French National Rally Party in the latest weekend polls is likely to unnerve French investors again at the start of this week. Despite trying to rebound last week, to a potential objective at 7,768, the index could not even reclaim the 7,700 handle last week. In actual fact, if we look at a slightly differently configured chart, we can see there is significant resistance in place at 7,691 and that might explain why the high last Thursday was set at 7,682. The high seen on Friday was set at 7,673 and the index later closed the week at 7,628, with a loss of 42 points on the day. Overnight the index future has fallen and right now the index is priced to reopen in the red. The current indication on that is just now at 7,605 

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