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CAC 40 futures in the red now as Dow Jones gives back some earlier gains

The European stock markets have long since closed, but the futures are all trading into the US session. Earlier the Dow Jones continued to lead the US stock markets and it is still very much doing that, as the Nasdaq 100 falls further into the red. However, at the same time the Dow is certainly off the boil. Earlier the Dow rose to 39,571. It is now trading close to 39,400 and that has pushed all the European futures lower. Now earlier today the CAC 40 did manage to make a move above a noted potential resistance level, at 7,691. That led the index to a high at 7,725, but it did not threaten the next resistance level at 7,768. The index later closed 78 points higher, at 7,706. The futures price is right now indicating a reopening for tomorrow at around 7,675 

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