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BTC at risk of a deeper fall below 64k now?

The noted drop back below 65k again yesterday in Bitcoin has seen the lead cryptocurrency fall back a little further earlier today. The rejection of a sustained move above both its 50 and 100 day moving averages yesterday has not helped the price action. The risk of a deeper fall might be more elevated for that reason, unless the lead coin can recover those levels again. Therefore the risk of a deeper fall below 64k would seem to be somewhat elevated now. There is a support level just ahead of that which was breached a few days ago, at 64,225, but it has held so far today (64,309 the low so far). However, if that is taken out and a fall to below 64,040 does unfold from here, then it could deliver a move towards 62,408 (61.8% of 56,527-71,924). Right now BTC needs to get back above 66,500 in order to negate that risk. It is currently trading at 64,550

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