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BTC Halving comes back to the fore as risk aversion dissipates

Since an earlier update here, noting the rebound in Bitcoin from below 60k for a third time, the lead coin has now extended that rebound. BTC has now reclaimed levels above 65k. So, it seems the eagerly awaited Halving event scheduled for as early as today has now eclipsed the earlier risk aversion. Certainly, the European stock markets and US equity futures seem to endorse that just now. That said, all those markets are still in the red right now. However, the immediate focus for BTC is surely now looking to the Halving event, more than it is the situation in the Middle East. That might change again of course, but for the time being BTC is doing its own thing. The high seen so far this morning has set around 65,185. It is just off that rebound high right now, currently trading at 64,875

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