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BTC closer still to next resistance as price action picks up significantly

Since my last update here, noting that Bitcoin was rising close to 27k, it has now surpassed that level and it is very close to the noted 50 day moving average, as I type this update. That moving average is now rising with the price action and is currently in place at 27,244. The high just seen was set at 27,224 and it backing off right now. It remains to be seen if there is enough fuel left in the tank to take this on, or perhaps it has already run out of steam? One thing I will note though; is that the price action is much more volatile than we have seen of late. That suggests to me that this is not retail driven right now and it could be some of those wholesale desks have come out to play today, whilst they more generally sit on their hands in respect of the fiat currencies ahead of the Fed on Wednesday evening. BTC is just now at 27,210

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