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Brent crude edging lower so far today

Yesterday afternoon the price of Brent crude for July delivery fell to its lowest levels of the day just ahead of the 4pm London FX fix. The low seen was set at $82.41. However, a sharp rebound from there then played out into the wider European close, when it once again rose to around $83.85. However, it stalled yet again up there, peaking this time at $83.88. So, that level, around $83.85 sure has met with sellers all week so far. If you look at a chart of Brent since Monday you will see exactly that. So, the fall back into the wider US market close was preceded by a NYMEX settlement which was $0.17 lower, at $83.16. The price has dropped again today and edged closer to the lows seen yesterday (at 82.41). The low seen so far has been set at $82.65. Brent for July delivery is currently trading at  $82.70

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