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Bitcoin taking something of a back seat so far today

Yesterday afternoon Bitcoin fell back, from an earlier session high at 71,275, to a low at 69,565 right around the time of the 4pm London FX fix. The rebound that played out into the wider US market close last night was extended upon earlier today during the Asian session. That saw BTC rise close to the highs seen yesterday, but now surpass them. The high seen earlier today was set at 71,234 and since then it has been edging a little lower. The low since that high has just been set at 70,550 .It is not much above that right now and perhaps the one take-way today is the lack of volatility across this one compared to recent standards. The dollar is the king of the castle right now and much focus is clearly on that currency right now and that might be distracting some of the usual wholesale players in BTC for the time being as it seems to take more of a back seat just now.

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