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Bitcoin still keeping an eye on the Dow Jones or just doing its own thing?

Earlier this morning Bitcoin did have a brief look below the 62k handle, but not by much and it did not stay down there for long. However, the rebound that followed was pretty tepid and it did not get much above 62,500. Well, now it is falling back underneath 62k again and is actually setting fresh session lows as this update is typed. The tendency for BTC to occasionally track the Dow Jones and the dollar is something to note this afternoon too, not that any loose correlations there are necessarily consistent. That said BTC has just now hit a fresh session low at 61,804, but remains well inside the noted moving average set out this morning. Leaving that aside, the price action for the past few days is not not exactly heartwarming for fans of this one. BTC is currently trading at 61,890 

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