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Bitcoin stalls ahead of 67k and turns lower this morning

Yesterday the noted interim double bottom ahead of 64,500 on BTC held and later led to a rebound. That rebound was seemingly boosted by a drop in the US dollar following the weaker than expected US ISM data. Bitcoin spiked above 66,500, but it could not reclaim the 67k level and neither has it been able to do that so far today. Since then it has dropped back towards 65k. The low seen so has been set at 65,104. It is above that now and once again the reader is drawn to look at two immediate levels of interest. The first is unsurprisingly at 64,500 and on the topside we have that 21 day moving average still capping further gains. That is in place right now at 67,575. BTC is currently trading at 65,580

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