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Bitcoin slips again taking out 66k

Following an earlier update here, noting the rebound from Asian lows underneath 67k, to above 68k, Bitcoin has fallen back again and just now set fresh session lows, 65,599 a moment ago. That means it has now tracked closer to the noted first technical support level. That is the 21 day moving average and it is in place right now at 64,195, but it is shifting all the time. The price action right now is very rapid too and each time I check the price its shifted markedly from one price swing to the next. So, it seems this correction lower is still playing out this morning. It just remains to be seen if that 21 day moving average will be put to the test, or not. I am certainly not ruling it out, but then we might see if it holds, or not. Bitcoin is currently trading at 66,255

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