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Is Bitcoin running out of steam for now?

Further to an earlier update here, noting the lack of extension and acceleration through the prior all time high set yesterday, the lead coin did extend ever so slightly, but so far certainly not in a dynamic way. The new all time high seen earlier this morning was set at 73,797, but it is backing away right now, as I write this update. Now of course that does not mean we are finished with the upside yet, but at the same time, sooner or later it will become a very crowded trade, if not already. The 14 day RSI (Relative Strength Index) is still close to 80, which is not critical in terms of being overbought, but it is high all the same. So, the lack of a dynamic charge higher so far today might be a warning that we are in for another relapse. We shall see on that, but also remember; that on each and every price drop of any substance recently, there has been a queue of fresh buyers waiting to take advantage of any meaningful dip. Bitcoin is currently trading at 73,205

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