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Bitcoin rising ever closer to 69k

Bitcoin has not not looked back at all so far today. Any dips in the price action have been extremely shallow and since my previous update, the lead coin has now lifted to new 2024 highs, above 66k. The high seen a little earlier was set at 66,857 and it is not too far below that right now. That high came just after the 4pm London FX fix. The further rise in Bitcoin today is taking it ever closer to the December 2021 high, at 68,991. In terms of targets for this one, I refer to what I said much earlier today about the immediate outlook and how demand remains at very high levels, ahead of the mining halving event next month. At this rate, by the time that comes into place, it will be all priced in, if that current run rate keeps as it is. Bitcoin is currently trading at 66,510

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