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Bitcoin rejects rebound above 70k and takes out support in Asian trading

Yesterday an update here noted how Bitcoin might eventually fall below 69k if there was no traction for NVDA. Well, there was some traction for that stock and that seemed to help BTC back above 70k. However, and despite trying to push above that level a couple of times late yesterday evening, it has fallen back below 69k today. The acceleration through 69k delivered a low a short while ago at 67,643, The reason for the acceleration through 69k was due to it busting below its 21 day moving average and that is why the level was highlighted here yesterday. The 21 day moving average is a little lower today, currently at 68,955. Bitcoin has rebounded a bit now though, but all the while it remains camped below 69k, the downside will remain in focus for the time being. Bitcoin is currently trading at 68,015

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