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Bitcoin recovers late European slide after setting a new record high

Yesterday afternoon, as the US treasury yields rose and the dollar lifted, especially versus the Yen, Bitcoin fell back. Prior to that Bitcoin had earlier spiked rapidly to set a new record high, at 72,968, just after the US stock markets reopened. However, that record was then followed by another of those steep sell-offs, that saw it slide to a low at 68,691, just after the wider European markets closed. The rebound that has followed has once again delivered a notable dagger formation low on the charts and that is something we have seen several times lately. I have mentioned this before and that clearly indicates; that buyers are still waiting on any dip to snap this one up, no matter how steep that dip is too. So BTC has rebounded back above 72k so far today. The range seen so far today has been covered by 70,660 to 72,226. It is just now trading at 72,165

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