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Bitcoin rebounds from recent lows but 37k remains elusive so far

Yesterday afternoon Bitcoin rose to a new 2023 high, at 37,973. That move was covered in an update here as the European markets drew to a close, as was the subsequent sharp fall that followed. Indeed, subsequent to that update, BTC did drop below the noted Fibonacci support level, at 35,924. The lead coin fell to 35,745. Once again that move could have been triggered by stops in place below 35,924, but that cannot be confirmed here. The fact that BTC has rebounded today does suggest that was the case though. The rebound seen today has delivered a move to 36,912, but 37k has clearly remained elusive. The price is now edging back in more recent trading and has just now set a session low at 36,345. It is currently trading at 36,445 

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