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Bitcoin rebounds after taking out 65k earlier today

Yesterday evening Bitcoin rode the gains in the US stocks and drop in the dollar (ex USD/JPY). That saw BTC rise from a session low at 65,062, to a session high above 67k. BTC reached 67,260 ahead of the US stock market close. However, earlier today the lead coin snapped that rise and then crumbled. Once it took out the low seen yesterday afternoon, it seemed to trip stops below 65k. That led to a low at 64,588. That was a one month low for Bitcoin. It has recovered off that low now, but right now remains camped back underneath its 50 and 100 day moving averages again (now at 66,145 and 66,547 respectively). The rebound high has been set at 65,825. Bitcoin is currently trading at 65,630 

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