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Bitcoin nails support from 21 day moving average and rebounds

In an earlier update, it was noted here, that Bitcoin was tracking closer to making a move below 37k. At the same time the proximity of the 21 day moving average was also noted as a support level. At the time that was in place at 36,872. By the time BTC got to test the level it had slipped to 36,869. So guess what the low was a few moments ago? Yes you got it, it was at exactly 36,869. That 21 day moving average sure capped the downside at the first time of asking and now it has just rebounded back above 37k once more. The high since the low was just set at 37,045. It is backing off again slightly right now. So, it remains to be seen if BTC will test this moving average again and if it does, whether or not it will hold at the second time of asking. BTC is just now trading at 36,935

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