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Bitcoin lifts from Binance driven falls below 36k

Yesterday afternoon Bitcoin was rising from an earlier session that had seen it fall to 36,287. The lead coin was rising back above 37,500 when the news concerning the leading exchange, Binance broke. Binance was fined $4.3 billion by the US authorities after being found guilty on anti-money laundering charges. This news sent BTC sliding lower and it took out the noted support at 35,924. It is likely there were stops in place below there too, as BTC slid to a low of 35,662 at the start of the Asian session today. It has rallied off that low since, but has stalled short of 36,500 so far. It remains to be seen, if it can really recapture the recent uptrend and whether or not this news is potentially another game-changing headwind for the entire crypto space and not just Bitcoin. The high seen since that low has been set at 36,488. It is currently trading at 36,400

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