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Bitcoin holding 27k so far today

The drop back in Bitcoin towards 27k yesterday afternoon was followed by another modest rebound, but nothing that delivered a move to any fresh ground in terms of its recent price action. The range seen so far today has again held the 27k level on the downside, but been capped by exactly 27,500 on the topside. Once again the mid point between two 1k increments has played a role in defining the range and even if it does not later on, there is resistance back in place higher up. That is defined by the 200 day moving average, now at 28,024 and the 100 day moving average, now at 28,161. The thing to note here; is that the 100 day is falling closer to dropping below the 200 day. The 50 day is already well south of that, currently at 26,462. So, it remains to be seen which side will crack first from here, on a sustained basis. The low seen so far today has been set at 27,233. It is just now trading at 27,410 

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