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Bitcoin hits a brick wall at 71,732 and slumps back below 70k

In truth there is no explanation here for what just happened in Bitcoin in the past few minutes. The lead coin did lift above 71,500, but the move did not extend very far all by standards for this one. The high seen was set at 71,732 and almost immediate it has turned sharply lower. The price just literally hit a brisk wall up there and has fallen fast, to a low just now at 69,960. The price action remains extremely fluid just now and sporadic too. This increased volatility could be a warning and right now the risk of longs being trapped on the top looks live. That said it is just now rebounding as this update is being written. The thing with this one right now, is that $1000-$2000 is just a blink of an eye and not possible to excuse on the basis of anything technical or news based. 

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