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Bitcoin has a very close look 38k

A few moments ago Bitcoin managed to spike higher. Now depending on which venue you look at to see how high it went, it may or may not have just surpassed the noted and important double top. As repeatedly noted, that was in place at 37,972 and 37,973. The high I can see on an interbank portal was set at 37,979, but as I said in some places the spread could have been enough to take stops out above that double top. I cannot confirm if that was the case though. In either case, right now, with the price tailing off from there, as I write, it does not seem like a proper break has yet occurred. So, it remains to be seen if that will, or will not unfold from now on. The immediate rejection of 38k has seen it drop back close to 37,600 just now. It is currently trading at 37,730

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