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Bitcoin has a look below 69k now

There are some pretty disjointed moves going on out there this afternoon and so it is pretty hard to join the dots on some of those. What can be said right now; is that gold is lower at the same time as the Yen is a bit higher. Gold has turned back down again, even faster than it rebounded at the time of the previous update on its price action. So, we have the first reversal for some while in the Yen/dynamic playing out right now. At the same time the dollar versus the European currencies has bounced back and right now that seems linked to lower moves across the major Yen pairings. The likes of the GBP/JPY and EUR/JPY are now well off earlier highs. The push back into the dollar and the Yen at the same time seems to have dealt BTC a poor hand just now too. The lead coin has reversed an earlier attempt to reclaim 71k on any kind of sustained basis and fallen on its behind once more. BTC has now fallen underneath 69k this afternoon and hence now closer to that noted 21 day moving average, at around 68,350. BTC is currently trading at 68,915

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