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Bitcoin has a look below 65k in Weekend trading

On Friday the noted further downside move in Bitcoin saw it drop close to the 65k handle (65,599 the low). However, it did rebound from there,  after the European close, to above 70k once more (70,585 the high). The price action on Saturday delivered an another move lower, which extended further on Sunday, when BTC dropped to below 65k this time, basing out at 64,538, dipping just below an interim technical level at 64,830. The rebound that followed later on Sunday saw it rise to above 68k. It has traded a range today covered by 66,787 to 68,912. It is off the top as I write this morning, but still holding above 68k. There has been talk on the wires in the past couple of days, from some analysts, suggesting a drop to below 60k is now on the cards. I will maintain an open mind on that, but the price action since the back end of last week does suggest this might not be such a one-way bet as previously thought- we shall see on that. Bitcoin is currently trading at 68,525

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