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Bitcoin has another look below 62k

Earlier this morning, Bitcoin tried to rebound back above 64k, from an earlier dip b below 62k during the Asian. However, that rebound attempt blew out just ahead of 64k and since then it has tried the downside once more. The low set not long ago was at 61,615, but it has rebounded again just now. So, that makes a total of three looks now under that 62k and each time it has found support. The price action continues to appear to follow the US equity markets loosely and in that sense those markets might help one to navigate the BTC price action from here on today. That is not by any means set in stone though, more just an observation here. Bitcoin is yet to convince either to be honest, but as long as buyers keep stepping up to the plate below 62k, the BTC bulls will take heart. It might be a different story below 60k though. I guess we shall see in due course. Bitcoin is currently trading at 62,495

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